Catching Mice with Glue Traps: Interesting Trick

Catching Mice with Glue Traps: An instrument used to catch or kill mice is called a mouse trap. When a mouse steps on a pressure plate or pulls a baited lever, it generally comprises a spring-loaded device that activates. The spring-loaded device then closes, encasing the mouse.

Since ancient times, mouse traps have been employed to manage rodent populations. In reality, mouse traps were employed for the first time in antiquity in Egypt to keep mice out of grain storage areas.

What is mouse traps?

We will share the various types of mouse traps in this article. Also, we will share how mouse traps work and which mouse trap is effective

Types of mouse traps

Snap traps: It is most commonly used to trap the mouse. This consists of a spring loader as shown in the above image. snap traps work quickly and effectively to kill the mouse.

Glue traps: It consists of a sticky surface that traps the mouse when it walks on it. A sticky surface traps the mouse and unable to move.

Electric traps: Electric traps use an electric shock to kill the mouse. Electric traps use the battery and sensor. when the sensor detects the mouse than gives an electric shock to kill the mouse.

Live traps: Live traps mean to catch mice without killing them. Most live traps consist of an iron cage when a mouse tries to enter the cage, a door opens with no effort. When a mouse enters the cage, the door closed and the mouse can not come out. These live traps are placed at a suitable location to trap mice.

Which mouse trap is most effective?

Most effective mouse traps is catching mice with glue traps depend according to your need and circumstances. The snap trap is effective because its result is quick and kills the mouse.

Glue traps are used for those who do not want to kill the mouse. But it is difficult to dispose of. While electric traps are expensive and can be used in some situations.

Live traps are a good option who do not use the above-mentioned traps. By live traps, you can trap mice without killing them.

Some Useful tips for catching mice with glue traps

  • use multiple traps at different locations to get better results
  • Bait your traps by using peanut butter, cheese, grains, or other suitable foods to attract mice
  • In the end, check traps frequently

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