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Best Way To Catch A Mouse In Home

Catch A Mouse: Mice are a major problem for homeowners, particularly during colder months. So, mice try to hide in warm places and damaged property it their sharp teeth. While there are various options available for pests to control them. The mouse trap is one of them to get rid of these rodents and catch a mouse. Finding the best mouse trap is challenging for your specific needs. We have to share some mouse trap and their pros and cons to determine the best option for you.

Types of mouse traps

In the market, there are several mouse traps available. Each mouse trap has a unique value due to its advantage and disadvantage. The four most commonly used mouse traps are:

  • Snap Traps
  • Glue Traps
  • Electronic Traps
  • Live Traps

Snap Traps

Snap Mouse Trap

Snap traps are the most traditional type of mouse trap and are widely used nowadays. They consist of a wooden or plastic base, metal bar, and trigger to kill the mouse quickly. Snap trap’s pros and cons are given below.


  • Cheap and readily available
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Effective at killing mice


  • Difficult to dispose of a dead mouse
  • Dangerous for pets and children
  • Only one mouse catch at a time

Glue Traps

Glue Mouse Trap

Glue traps are another common type of mouse trap that uses sticky glue to catch a mouse. The pros and cons are mentioned below.


  • Inexpensive mouse trap
  • Widely available
  • Easy to use
  • It can be used where the snap traps are not safe


  • It is not effective to kill a mouse
  • Can be inhumane
  • Causing the mouse to suffer
  • Difficult to dispose of

Electronic Traps

Electronic Mouse Trap

Electronic mouse traps use a high-voltage shock and catch a mouse. It is good to kill mice instantly. This is the modern version of the traps to kill mice. There are some pros and cons given below.


  • Effective at killing
  • In a single shock to kill mice
  • Quickly response
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to dispose of dead mice
  • Safe for pets and children


  • More expensive compared to others
  • Requires power source
  • Not effective for multiple mouse traps

Live Traps

Live Mouse Trap

Live traps are designed to trap mice without killing them. These traps allow you to release the mouse far from home. They are mostly made of plastic and metal mesh. These traps used bait to attract the mouse.


  • It is humane, as it allows the mouse to live
  • Safe for pets and children
  • It can be used multiple times


  • More expensive than other traps
  • Require regular monitoring
  • Not used for huge populations of mice

Best Mouse Trap: Snap Trap

Above mentioned pros and cons of different mouse traps, we have determined that the snap trap is the best mouse trap. While other mouse traps have their advantages but snap trap offers significant benefits. Snap traps are inexpensive, easy to use, and kill mice quickly. There are also widely available. The snap trap is an ideal option for homeowners who want a quick and easy solution.

Tips for using snap traps

  • To get good results from your snap traps, follow these tips:
  • Place the trap in areas where you have seen mice
  • Use the right bait to get effective results
  • Set the trap properly to increase the chances of catching a mouse
  • Check the trap regularly, at least once a day
  • Use multiple tarps in different places


To get rid of mice quickly, the better option you have to select is the snap trap. Above mentioned tips can help you to maximize the effectiveness of your traps. Maximized effectiveness will help you to keep your home free from mice.

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